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Dear Loser [Chris],

I kno u were the one that glued googly eyes to my blindfold and don't even pretend that u weren't I'm mad at u.

People only say u play these stupid pranks bc you want girls 2 pay attention 2 u and that after they pay attention u will ignore them. Well guess what, jerkface. I'm going 2 ignore u because u were thinking that I left cat poop in ur shoes I didn't so like the derp that u twins are and so smart that u are u pranked me.

I wrote this note because u just did it w/o telling me because I guess you weren't strong enough to accuse me in my face! I'm mad at you and guess what my brother is mat at u too that he's the one writing this 4 me.

You come to class every morning and I ain't stupid, u try 2 sit next 2 me and Jayden who IS YOUR TWIN is mad at u 2 b4 I even knew what u did and is always putting glue in ur chair, haha!

I tried playing pranks w/ another boy after u and after it was over you dared you even tred to ask me to prank people w/ u again I wasn't putting honey in ur mom's shampoo 4 u okay???

I'm mad at u, I'll always b mad at u, spreading my panties all over the house when u just got mad bc I used to tell ur brother when u put his gameboy in the fridge and u automatically think I said so but he would have known anyway bc ur the only person in the houes that does it!

The other day u told me that I have to let u in on it when I put gum on ppls pillowcases its none of ur business got that you loser! I'm mad at u and I kno u still like me but I don't want 2 prank w/ u I don't care what our stupid friends say you put stickers on my hands for stupid reasons u accidentally say you put hot suace in my sandwich I will never prank w/ u again!


I'd rather prank w/ Martin or a fish den u ur sooooo boring and mean !!!!1 And then saying we were having fuuuuuun? Pleassse!!!!

Ur such an nconsiderate jerkface. I AM MAD AT U.

Well bi you boring doosh bag I have more things 2 do right now than write a note to YOU.
A spoof of this:… and I just did it to pick up the featured soul for Chris. I had a lot of fun writing this and my headcanon is they were 7 at the time and in elementary school XD
Milly-Eff Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD Damn it. This
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June 2, 2014


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